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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day the day to buy cards and presents... but for me Valentine's Day represents something else. Each year all I want is to spend quality time with my other half most of my friends think I'm crazy when I say that I really and truly do not want a present.

All I want is time to be with my boyfriend because time is precious anybody with any kind of long term illness will tell you that quality time with a loved one whether it be your partner , family or friends is valuable. When you calculate all the time we've lost either because of fatigue or  illness it can really stack up and sometimes I feel like I'm missing valuable moments because there is no where I'd rather be than by his side but this is not always possible.

So each Valentine's Day myself and my boyfriend make a point of spending the day together doing something we both love for me is worth it's weight in gold. It gives me chance to feel "normal" to forget all my worries and become carefree for just one day. Valentine's Day is also a day when I let my boyfriend know how much I appreciate every little thing he does . All to often we take the little things our loved one's do for granted it becomes the norm and we forget to say a special thank you to those whom we are closest.

I know my boyfriend has had a sacrifice certain things because I am unable to do everything but he never complains about it in fact he is one in a million a true selfless person.He gives me so much without even knowing it.

Tonight I am going to go home and tell him how much I appreciate the little things and how much I truly love him because I am not the only one which this disease affects and too often it's something I forget.

When it all boils down to it Valentine's Day is not about material things it about spending quality time with a loved one and making the special person in your life feel one in a million.

Happy Valentine's Day

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