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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teenage Lupus

By Siobhan
Aged 16

A pain in my legs 
Can't get out of bed
Lupus can really give you a pain In the head
Fingers and toes nobody knows
How my life has changed
As the Lupus grows!

A red rash on my face
Can easily come
Just out of the blue to make me feel glum

I'm sixteen years old
And I have been told
You have to live with Lupus
Now I think that is cold

The hurt and the pain
Drives me really insane
Steroids and cream
Interrupting my dream

My stomach and back,
Knees, ankles too
All get inflamed and I just can't do what I like to do! 

Lots of worries and stress it can cause 
My school days are tough
This gets on my nerves.

Lots of meds and blood tests too
And bones that all ache like I have the flu

But this is my life
And I'm taking it not
I'm in control of calling the shots! 

And now that I'm here in Tallinn with you
I've proved to myself theres a light there too 
I might be sick and will not pout
I might be down but I'm certainly not out!!!

 © Young Arthritis Network