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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remission or wishful thinking ?

Medical Update: I feel amazing ...Virtually pain free minimal pain in wrists and no inflammation !!! Goodbye Arthritis 

Feeling pretty amazing at the minute ... words can’t describe the freedom & how it feels.For the first few days my brain wonders whats going on ... Pain free and moving hmmm this is new !!

 3 weeks later .....
Feeling flexible and pain free. Friends have noticed a huge difference especially my energy level’s which have reached an all time high. I’m doing so much these days I’m on a roll my brain is working overtime and my idea’s for the Young Arthritis Network are flowing .... Hmmmm I’m liking this new me !!!
Still feeling great no inflammation ... Am I in remission ?? Oh god Am I in remission ??? maybe stop STOP don’t jink yourself !!! But maybe oh maybe...Stop stop stop !!!

Forgetting what pain is like J A very strange feeling in my body I walk with no stiffness- knee’s move loosely ... Freedom !!!

No swelling on pointe :)
Cleaning my room I discover my beloved ballet pointe shoes. I stop and cry it’s my weakness looking at them breaks my heart every time .

I nervously place my pointe shoes on and go onto pointe gaining more confidence I begin to dance and my body moves in a beautiful elegant way like the way it should unlike previous attempts.  The beauty of dance I drift away into my own world – Best feeling !!

4 weeks  later...
Should I jink myself ...
I’ve felt pretty much pain free for the past few weeks ... I feel so good that I wondered what was wrong??OK I’m not a negative person & this may sound crazy but hey that’s never stopped me admitting things before so a million possibilities cross my mind.

After six long months in physio I am finally discharged feeling stronger than ever before. Perhaps I’m really in remission this horrendous disease has left me .. We’ve parted ways .... my positivity has finally burned out arthritis. !!! Laura 1 Arthritis 0 -I’m FREE !!!

Brownies in the making
So I meet one of my rheumy friends who finds my recent few weeks amusing ... She jokes “Maybe your pregnant & in remission?” Ha ha ha ha ha oh.... shit !!!? Her joke was enough to make question myself.... 10 second panic station averted !!

5 weeks later...
Things are changing I’m doing so much I’ve completed the Flora Mini Marathon for  Arthritis Ireland & I’ve started Yoga classes.  I’m also back cooking & baking ..nom nom nom !!!
Team Young Arthritis 

Still feeling like a new person .... long may it last !!!-WINNING .....