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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Girl’s Best Friend….

Yep yep you've guessed it high heels are indeed a girls best friend.
I’m tiny coming in at just under 5 ft so heels should be really be my best friend but it fact the are my worst enemy. Well actually I tell a lie we have a love hate relationship.

Let’s talk about the love …..

I am a shoe queen there is no doubt about it …I can’t walk down Grafton street without stopping in Fitzpatrick’s , BT or Aldo for just a “quick peek”  which usually involves spending about an hour going ohhh  ahhh  and planning how I am going to spend my next pay packet. My collection as I like to call it holds every type of shoe imaginable. I often spend my lunch time in work looking at fashion websites looking for shoes.

Now for the other side of my obsession …

As you may be aware I have arthritis in pretty much every joint so this poses three problems
  1. Heels make my joints ache not just the little joints in my feet but my hips & my back ... Heck let's be honest here it can even take a toll on my neck.
  2. My feet range from a size 3 ½ on a good day to 5 ½ on a bad day. Lately I can’t fit my feet into my pretty little shoes. It’s  beginning to bug me because I must keep several types, styles and sizes with me as I never know what size my feet will be.
  3. Pumps, ballet , flat shoes etc…  while they are flat shoes they also pose a problem as my feet are too swollen so I can’t fit into them.

When I’m out and about I usually resort to a good old comfy pair of runners…. Yep runners while they are comfy and spacious let’s face it they are far from attractive and quite simply they look awful with skinny jeans and dresses(Let’s not even go down that road).

I’ve now reached the stage whereby I plan my outfit around my shoes depending on how my feet feel which in itself is annoying because I can’t wear what I want  and then when the swelling subsides the shoes are too big for me.

Now back to the love hate relationship ….

I had a little bit of luck recently I found a gorgeous pair of wedge heels actually I fell in love with them having spotted them on the fashionable Lisa who told me they were ever so comfy so off I went to purchase them and I haven’t looked back since. In fact I was away last weekend and received several compliments on my latest purchase. It’s amazing the confidence a pair of heels can.

I love to buy shoes but it hasn’t registered with my brain that I can no longer wear fashionable shoes in fact I think my boyfriends sister has worn most of heels more times than I have.  

I wish someone would design a fashionable range of shoes I’m sure most people whether they have arthritis or not would fork out a few extra quid for a comfy yet stylish shoes. So calling all shoe designers please please please design FASHIONABLE shoes that won’t cripple my feet.

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